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Whether you a book buying professional or a Melbourne-based self-publisher, we've got all your book printing needs covered. Here at Goliath, we print digital and offset books, and soft-cover and hard-cover books.
That means if you're looking for a book printing company to print anything from A5 saddle-stitched booklets or A4 perfect bound books, through to custom size PUR bound books or case bound hard cover books, then we're your book printing solution.

Our instant, online, book printing price tool can quote all your PUR Perfect bound book printing jobs under 700 copies, and does so at better value for money than any other book printing company in Australia.

That's right, here at Goliath our value proposition is Product, Price and Service. Even though our prices are near the best in Melbourne, we don't consider ourselves a cheap book printing company. Our low prices don't compromise on quality, and we win work based on our ISO quality printed product, our great value pricing and always helpful customer service.

Now we understand that with the modern rise in self-publishing books, everyone likes the idea and convenience of an instant and online book printing calculator. When it comes to their book printing, though, what self-publishers and professionals really want is helpful, over the phone, book printing customer service and real book printing help. Here at Goliath, that's what we offer.


Book printing and self-publishing in Melbourne is now easier than ever. With our instant and online book print price calculator, you can instantly quote all your PUR Perfect Bound books online. It includes over a dozen standard book sizes and over a dozen book paper stock options, and can even email you the quote once you're done.

Our online, book printing calculator always allows for PUR binding. As you'll read below, PUR binding is a superior soft cover book printing binding method to perfect binding.

If you're interested in printing or self-publishing your own book with the best possible book printing quality, service, price in Melbourne, then give our online book print pricing tool a try today.


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the best quality book printing melbourne

Be it traditional sheet-fed offset printing, digital dry toner, HP Indigo or inkjet printing, when you print your books at Goliath in Melbourne, then you're printing with the best, and while we're happy to explain the differences between each of the above book printing technologies, you can trust that we'll select the right option for you based on your quote and book file.
Quality isn't just about printing through, it's about colour consistency, binding and customer service. Ask us today about each and see if we pass muster.



The first thing we'll do when you send in your book printing files after price approval is a prepress check. A prepress check, in the context of book printing, is checking all the files are correctly set up for your book print job, and in line with your accepted book print quote.
That means we'll check everything from your book size, page count and spine width, and ensure your files are set up as CMYK, 300DPI and include crop marks & bleed.
Regardless of if you're a self-publishing writer or book printing professional, if you're planning on sending through book printing files, then we encourage you to check out our print set-up page and our PUR perfect bind book printing set-up page for book print specific prepress requirements and some helpful hints.

Melbourne book printing time frames

Hers's a commonly asked question from our Melbourne book printing professionals and self-publishers, alike. How long does book printing take?

Once you're past prepress and you've approved your book printing proofs to proceed to print, the printing and shipping of your books will take anywhere from 3 to 15 working days, depending on your style of books, the quantity, and the delivery address.

Here are the time frame for our Melbourne book printing facility.

...Saddle stitch book printing can take from 3 to 5 working days.

...Soft cover, PUR perfect bound book printing can take from 5 to 7 working days.

...Hard Cover, PUR bound book printing can take from 10 to 15 working days.

While these time frames are for our Melbourne book printing facility, please remember that we also print books in Sydney and Brisbane. That means if you have a time-sensitive job that needs to be delivered, then we encourage you to ask us the question. 





Whether you're a Melbourne book printing professional or a self-publishing author, if all you have is a book manuscript, then you only have a few options for self-publishing your book. You can either format your manuscript yourself, or you can have a book type-setting professional do it for you.
While we always encourage the latter, and we do quote to professionally type-set many of our self-publishing client's books, our preference for professional type-setting is only to avoid customer frustration. There are many considerations in turning your book manuscript into a print-worthy PDF file, but the underlying rule is, the book's internal pages will print exactly as your saved PDF file.
If you would like a free type-setting quote, all we'll need is your complete manuscript and to know your intended finished book size.

Am i a self publishing customer?

If you've got a book manuscript to print, a family history book, or a start-up book business, then you probably fall into the Self Publishing category.
That is, all those who contact a book printing company as part of their daily job, are not self-publishers. A self-publisher is someone who is funding their own book publishing efforts.
Being a self-publishing writer isn't a bad thing though, all it means is that you might want a little more help printing your book than someone who deals with book printers every day.
That help could be understanding paper, 100% black against rich black, setting up your book cover file, or even understanding book printing economics of scale and planning.



If you're a Melbourne-based self-publishing author, then we want to hear from you.
That being said, we've taken the time to set up an online, instant book printing price tool and a Book Printing Set-up FAQ page, to serve as an online recourse to our Melbourne-based self-publishing customers. Our online book print pricing tool specifically allows for our Melbourne book printing facility.
Even so, we understand that you may be a little unclear about some of the book printing specifications, and that's okay. We can walk you through the entire self-publishing book printing process from beginning to end.

It all starts with a phone call, so call us now or try our Request a Call Back Form, and one of our self-publishing book printing specialists will be in touch ASAP.




hard and soft cover

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Perfect Binding and Burst Binding

What is Perfect Binding? Perfect binding is one of the styles of binding a book that glues the books text pages into the book cover's spine. The collated book have 3mm milled off the spine edge and the cover is then glued into position with a PVA style glue. Perfect binding is suitable for light usage and has the disadvantage that single pages may fall out with time. This is because the spine edge has been milled off and while the straight line edge does look good, it does give the glue less of edge to hold onto. Perfect binding is an ideal binding method for magazines and books that are only going to be read a few times. Monthly and quarterly magazines are only called upon for a short period of time, and while there are countless perfect bound books in circulation that have never lost a page, it is occasional that they do.

What is Burst Binding? Burst binding is very similar to the above perfect binding except that the spine edge of the collected pages is not milled off, instead, the spine edge has notches or perforations which allows better penetration by the glue. For this reason burst bound books have better strength and durability than perfect bound books, and while both perfect binding and burst binding present well, they are not suitable for very heavy usages. As mentioned in the above perfect binding section, burst binding, like perfect binding is useful for quality periodicals, school yearbooks, light use catalogues and other types of general usage publications.

Perfect Bound Book Printing Melbourne



PUR Binding

If your softcover book is going to be very thick, or if it needs to survive constant usage or extreme climatic conditions, it may require PUR binding. PUR binding is nearly identical to perfect binding except that it uses a special high tech adhesive called Polyurethane Reactive Adhesive. This process is the most expensive option of all the glue binding options but will provide binding many times stronger than the standard perfect binding.



If your book is intended for constant daily use and will be subjected to considerable wear and tear, then perhaps a hard case-bound book would be appropriate.
Hard-cover books / Case-bound books are also more often associated with high-value (high cost) book printing and it's for that reason that most self-publishers do not choose this option.
Case bound books are section sewn, with the text being imposed into signatures and sewn together with cotton. Endpapers are then glued into a cloth or vinyl covered hardcover which may be printed, foiled or embossed. This is the strongest and most archivally stable bookbinding method available. If you would like to discuss case binding and whether it is the best option for binding your book.


Hard Cover Book Printing Melbourne

Saddle Stitching (Stapling)

Saddle stitching, also known as book stapling, is one of the most cost efficient binding methods available to fasten books. It's fast, economical and ideal for smaller publications and booklets. The pages are secured through the centre-fold by wire staples, allowing the book to open flat. The number of pages that can be stitched depends on how thick the paper is, although as a general rule 48 pages is the maximum advisable number of pages for a saddle stitched book.
It's also interesting to note, that saddle stitched books need to have a page count in a multipul of 4, so that there is a spine fold for the staple to fasten. We'd be pleased to advise you on soft cover options and whether it is the best solution for binding your books...

Saddle Stitched Book Printing Melbourne



Wire binding (or wire-o-binding) is commonly found when a combination of heavy and light stocks are all used together on the same book intermittently. Because wire binding is durable and allows for full and flat book opening and closing, it is useful for binding items like calendars, swatch books, note books, annual reports, diary, presentation books and unusual custom publications. Wire binding is available in a range of colours, finishes and sizes, to suit your needs.

Wire Bound Book Printing Melbourne