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Self publish your book with the best quality and most cost effective printing service in Sydney, Brisbane and melbourne

Our short run service is ideal for people who want to enter the market and offer an affordable solution for a self-funded publication. On average we’re 35% more cost effective than other printers on small run, self published books; and even though we’re most cost effective, we don’t compromise on quality. It begs the question, then, why are other printers 35% more expensive? We can’t answer that. All we can suggest is that you ask us to quote the same spec as any other printers and see how much you can save on an identical spec book printing quote.

We also offer a book printing service that no other printer offers. While all other book publishing services will change you for art alterations when creating your book design file, here at Goliath Print, our first quote is our last quote and all you've ever pay. We understand that if you're self publishing, there are going to be some errors in your file, and to not allow for that is just deceptive. When you let Goliath Print type-set your book design-file, wheather you have two alterations or 25, you won't pay anymore for our time:) We hope that takes a bit of of the presure off.

Goliath Print is an average of 35% more cost effective than the book printing competition

There's no need to guess on book printing price. If you're looking for a Perfect Bound or PUR Bound soft cover book quote, our dedicated Book Printing / Publishing Account Managers will look at your details, quantity, trim size, paper type, timeline and etc, and come back to you with a book printing quote and any advice ASAP. Our Book Printing / Publication Account Managers can help you determine if print on demand, offset book printing, digital book pritning, perfect bound book binding or PUR book binding is the right print process for you; and as there in no mimimun quantity, it is, as always, just a matter of what you want.

Interested in the best possible book printing price? Complete our Request A Quote form here and we'll email you back a price ASAP.

book publishing and printing - It's what we do - call now...

If you're interested in how to self-publish your own book, then give us a call and we'll walk you through the process. First, we'll discuss what your needs are, then we'll discuss your book publishing options (paper gsm, size, cover, ISBN and etc). After that, we'll quote your work for type-setting, deisgn and printing in accordence with your book printing need and print specifications. Once you're happy to proceed with the quote, we'll start the book design process, and one of our book designers will create a book print file for you that exceeds all expectations. We'll then let you can go through the file as many times as you need to proof the book file as required, and once your satisfied that the book file is 100%, we'll then print and deliver your book (printed masterpiece) right to your door.

If you're a budding Sydney author, or even if you're looking to have your existing book re-set for a second or third edition, then please feel free to get in contact with us here at Goliath Print for all your book printing / publishing needs.


Have a book manuscript but no ready art file? Interested in becoming a self published writer? Here at Goliath Print we can design your book cover and type-set your text page through the use of our partner business, Barbossa Book Design. Barbossa Book Design designs a lot of books for self publishers, and so if that's something you are interested in, please write us here, giving us as much detail as possible, and we'll put you in contact with the good folk at Barbossa Books.

What's the average time from order to delivery for offset printing jobs?

Once you've approved your proof and placed your book print order, printing and shipping will take anywhere from 3 to 10 working day, depending on your project, quantity and delivery address. We have offset and digital printing facilities in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne; and while offshore printing is an option for some, here at Goliath Print we do not send any work or money out of Australia. Regardless of which Goliath Print site you use to print your books, you can rest assured that if your books are printed at Goliath, then your books will be printed to the Goliath Print quality standard.

Expertise and experience for book printing of all types and styles

Regardless of your book vision, we can make it happen. The bespoke nature of our process means that we can effectively apply the breadth of our experience and our uncompromising attention to detail. This ensures that every book is produced with the utmost care, ensuring uniformity and quality across the entire run.


When you send us your art file, the first thing we'll do it prepress. Regardless of wheather you are a graphic designer and know how to prep a file, or if you are new to the industry and are generally unsure, we'll still need to prepress your files 100%. A few things we'll look into though is CMYK, DPI & resolution, trim marks and bleed. If you are considering sending a file through to us for print, and would like to talk about file set-up before you start your design, please contact us here and we'll be in touch. It's also worth knowing that this link will take you to our prepress set up instructions.


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We provide the highest-quality services across the whole of Australia, reaching all major cities including Adelaide, Perth, Tasmania, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, making us the ideal solution for businesses of every size, hobbyists and anyone who wants the best quality book printing service at the most affordable price. Speak to us today to find out more about what we can do for you. Call our team on 02 8417 2918, or use our request a quote form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Simply enter your book project details and we will provide a fixed price quote for your book printing needs.


Looking for cheap magazine printing, a formal magazine printing quote or just a rough magazine printing quote? Ask the magazine printing company, Goliath Print, here for your free, no obligation, magazine printing quote today. Here at Goliath, we also do short run magazine printing / HP Indigo digital magazine printing, and can typically return a magazine printing cost with just a few hours.