GNMG's primary tenet is to donates a percentage of its
profit to charity.
We give corporate giants the opportunity to do
good through the course of their normal day.

GNMG's secondary tenet is to keep work in Australia.
We do not send working money off shore, we support the Australian
workforce with every facet of our business.

Who We Are?

GNMG is a collaboration of socially aware media businesses that take from their own profits to donate to charity. The more profit we make the higher the percentage we donate (up to a point that wouldn't be disadvantaging our primary tenet). Every year we issue an accountability report to all our clients and...

Services We Provide

Our print services include, but are not limited to
  • Offset and Digital Printing.
  • Business Cards, Shells and Web to Print.
  • FSC stocks and certified printing with soy based inks.
  • Automated Production Management (APM), OPMS Web to Print and our Text...

Charity Print Australia

Our print division accountability scheme is called Charity Print Australia. Instead of making you pay more, we use an affordable business model to reduce cost and improve accuracy. The charity component is taken from our margins, not your quality, therefore you get to...

Corporate Business

Our business print systems are based on automation, we've built custom programs that enable each representative to operate as their own Production Manger; as a result our overheads are significantly less.
  1. Our fully automated and semi...

How to place an order

First, talk to us about your needs. We have fully automated and semi automated quoting options, and a Text Command Rule Systems that will streamline the way you order. We specialise in affordable, custom media systems that mean most of our quotes aren't standard.

However, if you aren't interested in web to print or our Text Command Rule System than all you'll need to do is....

  1. Get a quote through our automated or semi-automated quoting system.
  2. Accept the quote via return email and either email us or upload your art file.
  3. Pay the amount as per the instructions on the quote.

We accept:

Payment options
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