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The chances are you've seen our color magazine printing work before. When it comes to affordable quality magazine printing, Goliath Print is well known in the Melbourne market place for all your affordable, quality magazine printing needs. With a variety of magazine binding options, including the two most common, saddle stitched, staple binding magazine printing and perfect bound magazine printing, we encourage you to bring us your existing magazine quote Today to see if we can better it on print price, quality and service.

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As the leading Melbourne magazine printing company, we're known for our 1. short run digital magazine printing, 2. our perfect bound magazine printing and 3. our saddle stitched magazine printing. We're one of the few magazine printers left in Australia who can produce low-cost cheap magazine printing quotes, hard copy proofs prior to bulk magazine printing, and through the use of our digital and offset magazine printing technologies, we can print as low as 5 or ten magazines, with no limit of volume.

Now, just becuase we're the cheap magazine printing experts, that doesn't mean we're "cheap". However, If you're looking for the low cost, glue bound or saddle stitched magazine printing, from one of Australia's most reputable, yet inexpensive, colour printing magazine companies, then look no further than Goliath Print Pty Ltd.

Simply request your landscape or portrait orientation magazine printing quote, using our online Guided Print Quote Request Form for your free, no obligation, magazine printing quote today. While we're known for our quality product, you shoudn't be suprised by our cheap prices.


Hard Copy Proof

And unlike other magazine printers, we can provide a full colour hard copy proof just like the final full colour magazine, without compromising print quality.

Is your Melbourne magazine a digital, offset sheet-fed, cold or hot web print job?

Our professional magazine printing service Account Managers can look at your magazines booklets specifications: quantity, trim size, paper type, timeline, binding and etc, and advise which printing method is best suited to your magazine. That means you don't need to know the difference between offset and digitally printed magazines. After looking at your magazine details, we'll have a quick conversation with you about your desired effect, and from that conversation we'll be able to offer you one or more magazine printing quote options that will represent the best possible quality product and prices points for your magazine specifications. Whether you manage the print on an existing colour magazine, or you're trying to launch a new one, if you're in the market for a quality affordable magazine printing services, then please contact the team here at Goliath Print Melbourne today for digital magazine publishing / offset magazine printing quote that won't be beaten.

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New magazine publications

Are you looking to start a new printed magazine publication in Melbourne? Then congratulations! One of the things you'll need to consider is which magazine printing company best suits your magazine printing needs. Just as all commercial printers are different, each magazine printing company specialise in a particular magazine printing space; and it's for that reason we encourage you to speak to us first. Here at Goliath Print we have a long history to talking clients through new magazines and establishing what it is that they're after. Whether you are not sure about the type of magazine printing paper, if you need digital magazine printing or what the price difference is between addle stitched magazines and perfect binding magazine printing, then we can help you through the magazine printing process.

The first thing any prospective Melbourne printed magazine start-up will need to do is complete our online Request a Print Quote, and be specific in quoting a "Magazine - New Publication". That will be our que to give you a call and have a detailed conversation about your magazine printing needs. That conversation will include if your magazine is a landscape or portrait orientation, saddle stitched or perfect bound, highest quality cost effective or simply cheap magazine printing.




how long will a magazine quote take?

With our professional magazine printing service, we can typically provide custom and affordable magazine printing quotes within 24 hours of your request.

is there a min magazine printing quantity?

Unlike other magazine printing services, Goliath Print Melbourne has no minimum order quantity on custom magazine printing. We can print short run saddle stitch magazines and perfect bound magazines quantites in as little as 1 to 5 units.

Our Toner and HP Indigo digital magazine printing service can also cater for smaller quantitiy urgent projects at the highest quality, printing magazines offset provides a cost-effective large scale print solution Australia Wide.

What's the average time from order to delivery on magazine printing?

Once you've approved your full colour magazine printing order or proof, printing and shipping will take anywhere from 4 to 10 working day, depending on your magazine printing options. I.e: your binding (Perfect Binding or Saddle Stitched booklets), a magazine custom size, high quality paper, a special delivery address and etc.

We have full colour offset printing and digital magazine printing facilities in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, so delivering cheap magazine printing Australia wide in a rush is not a problem.

Saddle Stitch,colour printing magazines can take from 4 to 7 working days to dispatch, while Perfect Bound magazine can take as much as 7 to 10 working days to dispatch. Offset Vs Digital printing will also affect the time frame, with some dry toner digital magazine printing taking even less.
Regardless of which Goliath Print site is printing your magazines, you can rest assured that if you're printing your printing products at Goliath, then your magazine printing will be of the highest quality.



Magazine Bindings

Perfect Binding and Burst Binding

What is Perfect Binding?

Perfect binding is one of the magazine binding styles that glues the magazine's text pages into the cover. The collated internal magazine pages will have 3mm milled off the spine side edge and the cover is then glued into position with a EVA style glue.

Perfect bound is suitable for light usage and has the disadvantage that single pages may occasionally fall out with time. This is because the spine edge has been milled off and while the straight line edge does look good, it does give the glue less rough edges to bind to.

Perfect bound is also an ideal binding method for magazines, when they are only going to be read a few times. Monthly and quarterly magazines nearly always use perfect bound because they are often replaced by their next magazine issue shortly after; and while there are countless perfect bound books in circulation that have never lost a page, it does occasionally happen.

Perfect bound books that use an uncoated internal paper stock are less likley to lose pages, but that's becuase the uncoated inernal pages are more porous that the typical magazines coated internal pages.

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What is Burst Binding?

Burst binding is very similar to the perfect binding magazine style except that the spine edge of the collected pages is not milled off. Instead, the spine edge has notches or perforations which allows better penetration by the glue. For this reason, burst bound magazines have marginaly better strength and durability over perfect bound books and magazines, and while both perfect binding and burst binding present well, burst bound magazines are also not suitable for very heavy usages. Burst binding, like perfect binding, is useful for quality periodicals, school yearbooks, light use catalogues and other types of general usage publications.

What If you're not sure how you should choose between perfect binding and burst bidning? That's not a worry. If you don't know enough about perfect binding or burst binding, then after talking to you about your magazine, we can make that decision for you.

saddle stitch (Stapling)

Saddle stitched, also known as book stapling, is one of the most affordable binding methods available to fasten magazines. It's fast, economical and ideal for smaller magazines and booklets. Saddle stitched booklets are secured through the center-fold by wire staples, allowing the magazine to open flat. The number of pages that can be stitched in a saddle stitched bookle depends on how thick the paper is, although as a general rule, 48 pages is the maximum advisable number of pages for a saddle-stitched magazines.
It's also worth noting that saddle stitched magazines need to have a page count in a multiple of 4, so that there is a spine fold (gutter) for the staple to fasten. We'd be pleased to advise you on options for your saddle stitched booklets, and whether saddle stitching is the best solution for your magazine binding needs.


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