Why online brochure printing in Brisbane

Online Brochure Printing in Brisbane is a great way to connect with customers and bring your brand's story to life. Brochures allow you to present your products and services in a quick and easy to read format, while at the same time being one of the most cost-effective and affordable advertising formats for both large and small scale audiences.
While brochures can be printed in any number of shapes and sizes, here we have trade-price online brochure printing tool that offers all the standard brochure printing sizes and formats.

How much does it cost to have brochures printed in Brisbane?

Professionally printed brochures don’t need to cost as much as you may think. There's no need to guess though. Using our Online Brochure Printing tool you can quote, upload and print your brochures right now all from this page...
You can download your A4 to DL Tri-Fold Brochure templates below, and if your brochures can't be quoted automatically online, then please use our Request A Brochure Print Quote link above and that will take you to our custom quote request page.

download your A4 to DL tri-Fold brochure templates here

Here we have 2 Adobe AI and PDF online brochure template file for you to download, populate and upload to our online brochure printing tool. These files are the right size and show where the fold lines are for your A4 to DL (Tri-Fold) Roll-Fold and Z-Fold print brochures. All you need to do is download the brochure files here, take them into a design program, create your online brochure art file, quote your brochure online using our online brochure printing tool and upload that same brochure file.

We pride ourselves on producing top-quality, attractive and highly-targeted Brochures for the brisbane print market.

The Brisbane Brochure Print Experts: Our print brochure experts will offer only the best brochure printing advice, regardless of wheather you choose to use our online print service or speak to a print account manager, here at Goliath Print we'll ensure your print brochure stands out from the crowd with excellent design, eye-catching graphics and a memorable message.
Our Print Industry Knowledge: Here at Goliath Print you won't just benefit from our premium brochure printing service; you'll also have access to our industry knowledge and experience in how to get the most out of your print brochures.
Brochure Benefits: When compared with other forms of advertising, such as television and radio, printed brochures are extremely affordable, and when done well, can be an outstanding tool for driving customers to your business.
The Call-to-Action: The call-to-action is your printed brochure asking for your prospective client to take action on your request. If your brochures call-to-action isn't done well, your brochures could become just another piece of marketing clutter. Potential customers may only take one quick look before possibly discarding your brochure, so the brochure message or offer needs to be strong to ensure the customer responds to the call-to-action.


Try our online brochure printing tool now

Try our Online Print Brochure Guide Page here!

Our online brochure printing services start with the below open sheet sizes (the Trim Size) and are folded to any number of folding finished sizes. The Open Size / Trim Size is defined as the sheet size of the brochure when it's laid out flat and open. These sizes include...
A6 - 105mm x 148mm
A5 - 210mm x 148mm
A4 - 210mm x 297mm
A3 - 420mm x 297mm
A2 - 420mm x 594mm
8pp A4 - 297mm x 840mm
6pp A4 - 297mm x 630
8pp DL - 210mm x 396mm
DL - 210mm x 99mm
Double DL - 210mm x 198mm
The Open Size and Stock (paper choice) you chose will then determine what brochure folding options might then be possible. The Fold field determines the finished size of your brochure. As an example, an A4 Open Size / Trim Size folded to a DL creates a A4 to DL Tri-Fold brochure.


Some of the most common types of business brochure design include:

• DL: There are a number of combinations for a 210mm x 99mm DL print brochures, including single and double printed side, four-pages, six-page Tri-Fold, 8 page Z fold and etc.

• A5: Half the size of A4, A5 flyer printing is a great way to make a mini-brochure or pamphlet that has a big impact.

• A4: A4 brochure printing is the perfect size print format when you have more information or detailed images to communicate.

With our long-standing online brochures printing service, we have the know-how and experince to make your business print brochure a real standout.

The Offset Vs Digital Printing Field

When using our online brochure printing tool, you'll come across the Offset and Digital options. The Offset Printing option is more cost-effective on high volume printing and the Digital Printing option is more cost effective on low volumes. So, if you required a quote for 2000 brochure you should use Offset, and if you only needed 20 to 100 brochure, you would select the digital option. The Offset Printing Process is the traditional process whereby four metal plates rapidly strike the paper and leave an inked impression. The Digital Printing process on the other-hand uses Inkjet, laser and HP Indigo Digital-Offset technology. Yes, you read that right. The Hp Indigo is a Digital Press that uses Offset Technology.


Brochure Printing Price Guide

150gsm Gloss, Print Full Colour 2 Sides, A4 Fold To DL (210mm x 99mm), Includes Delivery To Any One Location Australia Wide.

Quantity & Price

500 Brochures - $276.21 Ex GST

1000 Brochures - $294.44 Ex GST

2500 Brochures - $379.86 Ex GST

5000 Brochures - $480.11 Ex GST

10,000 Brochures - $787.45 Ex GST

20,000 Brochures - $1250.64 Ex GST


Our other Brochure Services include:

Design: What is the most effective way to design your brochure?
Layout: Which layout will provide the biggest impact?
Crucial Elements: Does your brochure have the crucial elements to be seen from a distance?
Graphics: Which colours will provide you with the most bang for your buck?
Fonts: Which fonts will complement your purpose and draw potential customers in?
Imagery: How can you use images to enhance your brochures design?
Words: Does your brochure have an attention-grabbing headline? Is it well-written, proofread and easy to understand?
Message: Are the benefits clearly presented and explained, with a strong call-to-action?