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Our brochure prices are listed on our online printshop here, or you can contact us on our request a quote form and we’ll come back to you asap with a price and response to your brochure query.

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Here we have 2 Adobe AI brochure templates that you can download, populate and upload to our online printshop. These are not designed files, but instead are here to help you know where the fold lines are on the two most common Tri Fold brochure types. Just download the files, open in Adobe Illustrator and away you go.




Affordable Colour Brochure Printing In Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

Brochure printing is a great way to connect with prospective and current customers by bringing your brand's story to life and presenting your products and services in an quick and easy to read format; and just as businesses come in all shapes and sizes, so do printed brochures. That means there will always be a brochure layout and format for your business. Remember, brochures should be driven by your message, well placed information architecture and a strong call to action.

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Some of the most common brochure and flyer formats include:

DL: There are a number of combinations for a DL print brochure, including single pages printed on one or both sides, four-pages, six-page Tri-Fold brochure, and 8 page combinations.

A5: Half the size of an A4, and a great way to make a mini-book or pamphlet.

A4: The perfect size if you have more information to communicate.

With our long-standing print experience, we have the know-how to design a print brochure or flyer that will become a real standout.

You can choose from uncoated, gloss or satin stocks, and with or without lamination. The options are only limited by your imagination.


We pride ourselves on producing top-quality, attractive and highly-targeted colour Brochures for the Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne print brochure market.

We are the experts: Our print experts can offer the best advice to ensure your printed brochures stand out from the others with excellent graphic design, eye-catching imagery and a memorable message.
Our industry knowledge: You won't just benefit from our premium printing service; when you use Goliath Print you'll also have access to our industry knowledge and experience in how to get the most out of your print brochure.
Big "Goliath" benefits: Compared with other forms of advertising, such as television and radio, printed brochures are extremely affordable, and when done the right way, they can be an outstanding tool for driving customers to your business.
The Call-to-Action: The Call-to-Action is a vital part of all printed marketing material and is the brochure asking it's reader to take action on your request. If done wrong, your printed brochures could become just another message in the crowd. Potential customers may only take one quick look at your brochure before possibly discarding it, and so the message or offer needs to be strong to ensure the customer responds to the call-to-action.

Our Services Include:

Graphic Design: What is the most effective way to design your print brochure? Do you already have a logo and style-guide, or do you need one?
Layout: Which layout will provide the biggest impact and allow for most information on your brochure design?
Crucial Elements: Does your print brochure have the crucial elements to be seen from a distance?
Colours: Which colours will provide you with the most bang for your buck?
Fonts: Fonts always complement design by make reading easier on the target audience.
Imagery: How can you use images to enhance your print brochure design?
Words: Does your print brochure have an attention-grabbing headline? Is it well-written, proofread and easy to understand?
Message: Are your product or service benefits clearly presented and explained, with a strong call-to-action?


brochure and Flyer printing sydney - 24 hour Brochures & Flyers Dispatch... oh my!

We print so many Brochures and Flyers on 150gsm Gloss, that we can dispatch next day, every day, without fail. Next day dispatch conditions are as follows...

Stock: 150gsm Gloss Artpaper
Printed: CMYK 1 or 2 Sides
Sizes: A6, DL, A5, A4 & A3
Delivery: Available Australia wide
Quantity: Up to 10,000 units
Limited to Standard Products on trim and pack items.

You must place your order online by 12pm for next business day dispatch.
The QLD cut off time is 11am throughout the daylight saving period.
While dispatch is next day, jobs may be delivered on the following days depending on location and courier.


printing colour brochures in Sydney... it's what we do. Call now.

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