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Brochure printing is easily the most requested and actioned print request given to most commercial printers in Australia today. Whether it's affordable online brochure printing for a small retail business or an account managed brochure printing service that required a corporate colour match; quality affordable printed brochures are always in demand.
That's why we've introduced our new "trade-price for everyone" online brochure printing tool. You can now specify and quote your online brochure printing needs in real-time all on one page. All you need to do is complete the basics for an indicative price, and complete the contact and postcode details for a guaranteed price.

Brochure Printing Sizes

As a commercial and online brochure printing company, our online brochure printing tools offers affordable print prices for sizes from A6 to A2.
The Trim Size is your brochures open size, laying flat and unfolded, and covers ten of the standard and most popular brochure open sizes.
The Fold Size indicates how the open Sheet Size will be folded down to the finished brochure product. For example, if you're wanting an A4 Tri Fold Brochure, you would select A4 as the Trim Size and one of the DL options as the Folded Size.


Brochure Printing Stocks

If you're unsure about what paper stock you should be selecting for your brochure printing needs, there are really only two things to consider, the GSM and Finish. The paper GSM refers to the paper-weight, and the gloss, matt or uncoated refers to the finish. The average paper stock for brochure printing in Australia is 150gsm Gloss or Matt.

Offset Vs Digital for Brochure Printing

You might notice in our online quoting system the Offset and Digital options. While these two represent different printing technologies, there's no difference in quality. So what is the difference, you ask? Offset Printing becomes more cost-effective at larger numbers and Digital Printing is more cost-effective as small numbers. It's for the reason you'll notice the minimum order quantity on offset printing is 500 and the minimum order quantity on digital printing is 50.


We can match other companies brochure printing costs

... but at these prices we shouldn't need to. Goliath Print is widley considered one of the most affordable brochure printing companies in Australia.



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download your free brochure templates here

If you're interested in online brochure printing prices, then you might also be interested in these four downloadable Tri-Fold Brochure templates. Here you'll find a two A4 to DL Roll Fold brochure templates (PDF and Ai) and 2 A4 to DL Z-Fold Brochure Template (PDF and Ai). These 4 files show you where the brochure folds lines are and so can help you set up your artwork correctly for either style of Tri-Fold Brochure.


Brochure Printing Price Guide

150gsm Gloss, Print Full Colour 2 Sides, A4 Fold To DL (210mm x 99mm), Includes Delivery To Any One Location Australia Wide.

Quantity & Price

500 - $275.84 Ex GST

1000 - 299.61 Ex GST

2000 - $358.04 Ex GST

3000 - $389.73 Ex GST

4000 - $443.43 Ex GST

5000 - $448.21 Ex GST

6000 - $541.37 Ex GST

7000 - $589.47 Ex GST

8000 - $667.11 Ex GST

9000 - $689.87 Ex GST

10,000 - $784.09 Ex GST

15,000 - $1090.80 Ex GST

20,000 - $1340.43 Ex GST