Australia Wide Business Card Printing

A critical part of new business acquisition is the business card. The business card is very much an overlooked item by new businesses, and specifically businesses that can’t or don’t justify the initial cost of printing of what they consider not to be a necessary item. It’s unfortunate to note, that those are the business operators that will shortly be asked for a business card, and will have to say one of two things; that is “we are currently printing more” or “we are trying to move away from business cards because it matched our environmentally friendly ethos”. Either way, that’s the same business owner who just lost an opportunity and will then see the value in having a business card printed and on them at all times.

Part of having business card printed is the legitimacy that card brings to your business. That does not mean that any business card will bring a sense of legitimacy, because ordering cheap business cards online might actually do more damage to your start-up business reputation than not having a business card at all; but the right branding and business card can definitely make all the differnce to your new business.

Business Card Size and Shape

Another consideration is your business card size, i.e 90mm wide x 55mm high or smaller. Some new dynamic business opt for a narrower business card design, e.g  90mm w x 45mm h, but this is a matter of branding and design, not a matter for your trade printer. The business card will generally costs the same regardless of size, assuming it falls within the large 90mm x 55mm size.

Another option to distinguish your business card from another is by having between 1 and 4 rounded corners.

CMYK and PMS Business Cards

CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) is the standard 4 colour process and can be mixed to make any variation of colour.
PMS (Pantone Matching System) is a very specific printing method where by the colour of inks are mixed prior to being out into a printing machine so that the end result is as accurate as the ink test prior to being entered into the printing machine. This is done in cases of colour critical brands.
Raised printing, or Verco printing, is when a powder is added to the ink on the business card just after the ink has been applied to the card. That powder mixes with the wet ink and then expands when heated. The cards are then passed through a heat-source and the expanding powder takes effect.

Business Card GSM and Microms

Business card GSM refers to the actual weight of the paper, not the thickness, and while the two share a correlation, it is incorrect to say that a business card is thinker just because it has a higher GSM. A business card made with a high GSM card can have been compressed more, and so while more heavy and ridged can actually occupy less space.

The actual thickness of the card is the microms, and is measured by a calliper. Between the microms and GSM one could infer a sense of legitimacy and quality over the business the business card represents.

other Business Card options

There are other options in the business card world that add value or impression to your business card, options like matte and gloss cello, soft touch velvet cello, scodix over cello (which is a clear raised embellishment), metalic foiling and emboss / debossing. If you are interested in hearing more about one of those business card options, please contact us with a request for more information.

business cards green printing

GNMG's current environmental and sustainability initiatives include offering services that utilise but are not limited to:

  • The successful completion of the GASAA Environmental Management Course based on the requirements of ISO14001.
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification.
  • Purchasing the majority of our sourced paper / board stock as either ISO14001 certified and / or FSC certified.
  • IT equipment being removed and recycled by 1800 E-Waste, where 95-98%, by weight, will be recycled for future use.

Not only that, but printing is recognised as the more environmentally friendly option when compared to web. That's because print exists in space and web exists in time, constantly reliant on power.

business card PORTALS

Our OPMS (Online Print Management Systems) and Web To Print system are business print systems based on automation, where-by you or your staff can log into a specific portal to order your business cards in your corporate style, based on predetermied art and criteria uploaded into our system.

Our fully automated quoting systems lessens the cost of estimating, while our Automated Production Management (APM) can remember you and your art file with our OPMS web to print and our Text Command Rule System.

We can deliver rapid integrated end-to-end print and web solutions to maintain low costs, improve turnaround time, prevent unanticipated accidents and help develop your business.


print business cards online

Although we have an online print shop where you can quote and order your business cards online, if you're not sure what you're asking for then we encourage you to drop us an email and ask us at





Gold and silver foil Business cards

Goliath Print is pleased to be able to present the latest in digital foiling technology, the Gold and Silver Foil Scodix. Our gold and silver foil business cards are a 450gsm mat velvet cello product, and because they do not use the traditional letterpress process, they cost a fraction of the standard gold foil business card price. If you're in the market for a new set of business cards, request your free business card sample pack today and we'll have them out in the mail same day.