Print & Mailhouse - We're needed now more than ever

If you're looking for a Print & Mailhouse facility, then here we are. In addition to printing and mailing personalised variable data letters, we're also a commercial printing facility. That means we can print letters, booklets, magazine and fly-sheet in full colour or black & white, and can send them out via variably printed envelopes, window faced envelopes or fly-sheets and poly-bags.


Your Australia Post Account or ours?

You can use your own Australia Post Account or you can use ours and save. The cost of print & mail postage is determined by the weight of each item, and so if you know exactly what you're wanting to send, we can use our paper-weight calculator to estimate your postage cost as part of your print & mail quote before we ever set ink to paper. So why might it be cheaper to use our Australia Post account over your own? Simply put, it's because we send a lot more mail.

Depending on the size, page count and the number of pieces you would like to send, we can send out your print & mail via DL, DLX, C5, C4, plain face or window face envelopes. It really depends on what you would like to send and how many you would like to send. Normal letters can be machine inserted into DL envelopes, but some things will need to be hand inserted.

Our PRINT AND MAIL Services include:

Mailhouse Quote: We can quote your print and mail job from beginning to end before we ever set ink to paper. That means from B&W or full-colour letter printing and variable name merging through to the estimated weight of each envelope for postage cost estimates. We can do it all.
Variable Data Set-Up: The most common job is any Australia mailhose is the variable data printing; that is to say, personalised mail. Whether your letter is already set up with its variable fields, or if all you have is a letter and Excel database, we can mail-merge your variable data file to your document for you.
Printing: Once your mailhouse job is quoted, approved and merged, we can get started on the printing. In addition to printing just letters though, we can also print books, magazines, brochures, business cards and a myriad of other printed pieces that can all be inserted into the mail too.
Collate and Match Mailing: Have you ever wondered how 10,000 addressed envelopes all end up with their appropriate letter. This is called match-mailing, and this is something we do here at Goliath. Match-mailing is matching up individual pieces that all need to be sent out together.
Envelopes: While often over-looked, one on the biggest considerations in the print and mail industry is the humble envelope. That is, can the envelope accommodate what you are asking it to do, and is there a mechanical way to insert your items into your desired envelope size. The answer to this isn't always "yes" and sometimes needs to be considered at the time of quote.
Lodgement & Postage: Part of the job of any great mailhouse is lodging your mail pieces through to post. Here at Goliath, we can post your mail via your Australia Post account or our own. The benefit of using our account is at higher numbers we earn better price rates which we can pass onto you as the customer.