Online Business Card Printing templates

Here you'll find a range of online business card printing templates that you can download, design and re-upload into our online business card ordering tool to order your own business cards online

Business Card Size and Shape

Is your business card size the standard 90mm wide x 55mm tall? While that standard size is our weapon of choice, we can appreciate that some new dynamic businesses opt for a narrower or more custom business card design.

Not all business card sizes cost the same, so before you downlaod a business card template file and start your design, please ensure the associated print price is acceptable.




if your business have 15 or more people that use business cards, you might be intersted in our Business Card Online Print Managment System (OPM) here


business card PORTALS - OPMS

Our OPM Systems (Online Print Management Systems) and Web To Print system are business printing systems based on automation, where-by you or your staff can log into a specific portal to order your business cards in your corporate style, based on predetermied art and criteria uploaded into our system.

Our fully automated quoting systems lessens the cost of estimating, while our Automated Production Management (APM) can remember you and your art file with our OPMS web to print and our Text Command Rule System.

We can deliver rapid integrated end-to-end print and web solutions to maintain low costs, improve turnaround time, prevent unanticipated accidents and help develop your business.