Digital and Offset magazine and Book Printing Sydney

The chances are, you've seen examples of our offset and digitally printed books before. When it comes to annual reports, booklets, corporate training material and corporate marketing material, we're well known in the Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne print market for being the go-to company for all your print needs. Similarly, as a commercial offset printer, we're more than capable of printing offset books, magazines and catalogues, with the major determination between offset and digital printing being the quantity.

Goliath Print is also the specialist at producing professional standard books at an affordable price. Whether you require ten copies or ten thousand, here at Goliath Print we can create a book that showcases the quality of your work, by-passes all expectations and can do it for lesser a price than the competition. We have a number of paper stocks to choose from, including both white GSMs and cream GSMs, ensuring you get the results you’re after at the best possible price.

How should you choose between offset printing, Digital printing and print on demand?

There's no need to guess. Our dedicated print team will look at your order- quantity, trim size, paper type, timeline and etc, and help you determine which printing process is best suited to your book printing project. Our book print Account Managers can help you determine if Print On Demand, offset, digital, or a combination of those is right print process for you; and as there in no mimimun quantity, it is, as always just a matter of what you want.

If you're considering making an order, the best thing to do is to contact our team here with any questions and we'll come back to you same day for a chat..


Wire binding (or wire-o-binding) is commonly found when a combination of heavy and light stocks are all used together on the same book intermittently. Because wire binding is durable and allows for full and flat book opening and closing, it is useful for binding items like calendars, swatch books, note books, annual reports, diary, presentation books and unusual custom publications. Wire binding is available in a range of colours, finishes and sizes, to suit your needs.


Coil Binding, also known as Spiral Binding

Coil Binding, also known as Spiral Binding, is the binding method seen below. While Wire-o-Binding and Coil Binding might be mistaken for each other with no significant difference, we can assure you there is. Additionaly, there is also a price difference between the two binding styles. The largest differnce in the practicle use between Wire-o-Binding and Coil Binding is that coil binding needs to be threaded and screwed in from either the top or bottom on the book to be bound or removed. That means there is no easy way for a page to come loose other than to tear a page out. The alternative of Wire-o-Bind, has small wire teeth that are lifted from the side of the wire and are inserted into the pre-cut holes. That means Wire-o-Binding pages can be removed and / or inserted easier then on a coil bound book.

coil binding