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Online brochure printing is a great way to connect with your prospective and existing customers by bringing your brand's story, products and services to life. Affordable at large numbers, offset brochure printing becomes more economical per unit as the quantity goes up. That means if you're looking for value in your brochure printing prices, then you need to look no further than this one page. Our online brochure printing tool can quote your brochure print prices, upload your brochure PDF file, check (pre-flight) your brochure PDF file and take payment online, all from this one easy page. How is that for service?
In a world where everything is moving online, we've introduced the first online trade-print-price calculator accessible to anyone and everyone, even without an account.
You'll also notice that we have two A4 to DL Tri-Fold Brochure templates available for download under the online pricing tool. These two templates show where the Tri-Fold brochure folds fall on the brochure.

Our Trade-Price, Online Brochure Printing Tool can take care of 97.6% of all brochure print quotes.

However, if you're not sure what something means, you can either read the below helpful notes or you can use the above Request a Brochure Print Quote here link.


How To Use The Online Brochure Pricing Tool

Step 1. Name: Enter your jobs name.

Step 2. Category: Under Catagory, select Brochures and Flyers

Step 3. Trim Size. Trim size represents the size of your brochure when it is unfolded and laid out flat. For example. A Tri-Brochure is usually A4 to DL, so the open size / trim size is A4.

Step 4. Orientation, meaning either Portrait or Landscape of the finished product. Portrait means the print is taller than it is wide, and Landscape means Wider than it is tall.

Step 5. Stock: Stock refers to the paper stock you want your brochures to be printed on. They can be either High Gloss, Uncoated, or Matt. The GSM refers to the paper-weight, and so for most brochure and letterbox drop material, 150gsm and 170gsm Gloss or Matt is normal. Here's a Hint... Matt is Also referred to as Satin and Silk.

Step 6. Quantity: To select your print quantity, use the sliding scale or manually type in your quantity to the empty field below the sliding scale.

Step 7. Offset vs Digital. Offset Printing is more cost-effective at higher numbers while digital printing is suited to lower numbers. For the most part, if you need 500 to 1000 or more brochures, you'll select the Offset option. If you're only after 50 though, then you can select the Digital option. Experiment with this and learn how it works.

Step 8. Front & Back: These options are asking if you want your online brochure to be printed in colour or black & white, and front side only or front and back? This still refers to the brochure in its open trim size, so before it's folded.

Step 9: Fold: The next option you'll see if Fold. As the title and available options would suggest, this refers to how you want the open brochure size folded down to it's completed size. Each different Trim Size (Open Size) will present you with different Folding size options. This is because as the starting Trim Size becomes smaller, there are fewer folds that can then be done to it.

Step 10 and 11: Perforating And Scoring: Unless you know you need perforation and scoring, then you probably don't need it and can ignore these two buttons. Scoring means impressing the paper stock before it folded to help it fold smooth and clean. This normally only applies to stocks above 250gsm. Most brochures are only ever 170gsm and below, and so these two options are here for the 3% of custom fold brochures.

You Should Now See A Price...

Step 12. Mail House. If your brochures are going to be letterbox dropped, then they might end up at one of the following mail house addresses. Difference mail houses require brochures to be supplied to them differently, and so we've pre-loaded those requirements into our system for your convenience. The Mail House option will also allow you to add additional fields, for example, a Booking Number and a Campaign Name.

Step 13. Packing Instructions. Unless advised otherwise, we'll produce and pack your brochures in the most efficient way possible. Here's is your opportunity to advise of another packing instruction, such as bundled in 200s in rubber-bands, shrink-wrapped and etc.

Step 14. At this point, you have three options. You can 1. leave with the price you have. 2. you can upload your art file now so it can be checked by our system, or 3. You can click continue and populate all the name and address fields so that our system and calculate and advise the cost of fright for your brochures.

10,000 A4 TO DL Tri Fold BROCHURES. FULL COLOUR Print 2 sides.150GSM Gloss:

$648.44 EX GST


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Download your Free Tri-Fold Brochure Templates here

Included in this downloadable package you will find a Tri-Fold Roll-Fold brochure template and a Tri-Fold Z-Fold brochure template file, that are both set up as the right size, right format and clearly show where the fold lines fall on the brochure. Just download the files, select the fold option you want, populate the brochure file in a design program and upload your new brochure to our above online brochure printing tool.

Commercial Brochure Printing



Brochure Size HINTS

Our online brochure printing service starts with the below open sizes. (The Open Size is defined as the size of the brochure when it's laid out flat. Our Open Sizes include...
A6 - 105mm x 148mm
A5 - 210mm x 148mm
A4 - 210mm x 297mm
A3 - 420mm x 297mm
A2 - 420mm x 594mm
8pp A4 - 297mm x 840mm
6pp A4 - 297mm x 630
8pp DL - 210mm x 396mm
DL - 210mm x 99mm
Double DL - 210mm x 198mm
The Open Size and Stock (paper choice) you chose then determines what brochure folding options might be then possible. The Fold field determines the finished size of your brochure.

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