Here you will find our instant & online, soft-cover, book printing estimator. This tool is most effective between quantities of 100 and 600, and for numbers over 600, try our Guided Custom Quoting Form. Now if you're looking at this tool, you might also be interested in our book printing FAQ page. It's full of helpfull hints and tips on how to set up your own self published book for printing. While we're here, we would also like to remind you that all our book printing is done in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. That's right, we're Australian owned and operated. We only wish we could say the same about some of the competition. Now we know we're the best, and one of the most common requestes we recieve is if customers can use our Book Printing Service at the competitons lesser quality price. We are happy to look at price matching, but only do so for book printing compnaies that provide formal PDF quotes. There are book printing website in Australia that do not print in Australia, and so we do not match their prices. Finally, this is a book printing estimating tool only. Paper prices change on a regular basis, so before proceeding to print, please contact our staff to ensure your latest price is accurate and valid.


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