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“Where else can you get Google Anayltics and Search Engine Optimisation for $150 a week?” ***T&Cs Apply***

long-term search engine optimisation (seo) for $150 per week with no long term contracts.

your next three STEPS...


1. let's discuss your SEO needs and expectations

Do you want real SEO results? The first thing you need to do is get in contact with a quality SEO provider to discuss your SEO needs and what realistic expectations are. Some SEO will often promise the world to justify that high cost, but more often than not the customer that walks into that situation eager to belive the best, is the customer that will belive the unrealistic promoises.



2. SETting UP your GOOGLE ANALYTICS and google maps

Google Analytics is a website metric tool that shows how people are finding and traffiking through your website. We'll install Google Anayltics on your website so we can see what search terms are going to be effective and what search terms are completly wrong for you. How effective your SEO is might come down to something as simple as a good choice in keywords; but it's not what you think. See more on this subject below.



3. writing Content and metadata changes

Then it's time for us to get busy. We'll make a back up of all your content and then start optimising your web content towards your keywords and goals... and while some SEO providers say you'll need to wait up to 12 weeks to see results, we've had clients see results ii their first month of using our service).


1. why you should talk to #Jeff knows seo

SEO strategy and keyword selection

There’s no doubt that understand how SEO works is the key to better results, so with that in mind consider the following points to keyword selection.

1. Selecting short keys words that are the synonymous with your industry might seem like a good idea, but if everyone else in your industry is optimising their website for the same key word, then the competition on that keyword might make that word unachievable as a short term goal.

2. That’s why we, SEO providers, use Google Analytics, because it shows us what people are searching for in Google, irrespective of whether a website is being found for that key word, how many search there are for a keyword, and where a website ranks for a key word. This information enables us to compile a list of short-term keywords that may have less searches and less competition, and a list of long-term keywords that has a high search rate but is also high competition.

The key words that are less searched and less competitive are called ‘Long-tail key words’.

3. An SEO provider that allows you to select your own keywords without explaining the above, might be doing exactly what you ask of them, but that might not always be in your best interest. After-all, the end goal of Search Engine Optimisation is not for them to grow their business, but rather, to get the best from yours.

4. The Scapegoat. SEO providers that allow you to select your own high competition keywords on a short-term basis, knowing you’re never going to achieve that goal in the short term, will later use the fact that you selected those keywords as a scapegoat for no results.

5. The best way to achieve short and long term SEO results is to sit down with your SEO provider and discuss a key word strategy that will include a combination of both short term / low competition key words and long term / high competition keywords.

6. Customer’s IP address location and your websites Google Map’s address.
While keyword selection is important, that’s just one of the tools in your SEO strategy. Google Maps & your IP address, Meta Data, link names & backlinks and image file names should all be part of your SEO strategy.


2. Your IP address, Google Maps and Google Analytics

Before any content can be written to increase your visibility on a search engine like Google, Google Analytics needs to be set-up on your website for data-mining purposes. In short, we won’t know what key words will be effective for you until we have a look at your website metrics through Analytics.
Google Analytics is a free service, and while we’re in your website uploading the Google Analytics tracking code we’ll also look into putting your website on Google Maps. Google uses your Google Map business location in proximity to people searching Google via their IP address to rank likelihood of match based on location. Having your website on Google Analytics and Google Maps is an important first step to your short and long term SEO success.



3. It's all about the Content

Once metric data is coming through to your Google Analytics we can see what keywords are frequently searched for, what key words represent bad value, and create web content to optimise your website. That’s the short version.
For the long version on how we achieve SEO results, call now for a free, no obligation, talk.


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